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Talent Tips

As you will no doubt have seen in the news, according to the latest ONS figures, the number of job vacancies in the UK is at the highest level since records began. At Bhayani we aren’t just experts in people management, we’re here to help with the pre-employment process too.

1. Identifying vacancies and forward planning

Consider re-organisation of duties, responsibilities and hours, could you upskill another member of staff or restructure duties and responsibilities amongst the team? It may be possible to use losing a team member as an opportunity for a reshuffle rather than just immediately putting out an advert for a replacement.

Consider whether you need a like for like replacement in the first place and review the job description and person specification to make sure its up to date before looking to advertise.

2. The strategic stuff

Talent planning is necessary for even small organisations, don’t wait for a resignation to think about recruitment. Think about your future skills needs and what you can do now to prepare, what are your plans for the next 12 months and what skills are you going to need to see this through? Consider taking advantage of Government funding through apprenticeships or the kickstart scheme to develop the next generation of your team. For a very minimal cost you can introduce entry-level candidates to the team and develop them to fulfil your future needs.

Resignations shouldn’t come as a surprise if you can help it. If managers are being effective through carrying out one-to-one meetings and engaging with staff, they should be in tune with how their team are feeling (of course there are many resignations that are a surprise too).

It’s important that employers acknowledge where there is likely to be turnover and where there are vulnerabilities where huge gaps would be left if someone were to leave.

Talent pools and employer brand. Employer Branding is your reputation amongst candidates and employees, it defines how your organisation is viewed as an employer. If your employer brand isn’t visible you are likely to struggle to appeal to candidates when you need it most. By utilising platforms like Indeed reviews and Glassdoor, use of warm strategies like social media posting about working life at your business, you can showcase what it’s like to work for your organisation and catch the attention of passive candidates (those already employed). Think about referral programmes too. Talk to our HR team about building, leveraging and promoting your employer brand.

Do you have a talent pool? A talent pool is a collection of candidates who are passionate about your brand and want to work for you. If you don’t have time to put in the work to build a in a talent pool, let us help you. Bhayani Recruitment also already has a talent pool for you to tap into to save you the cost and time of hiring people that are as excited about growth as you are.

3. Unnecessary use of fixed-term or zero-hours contracts

It’s a common misconception that using a fixed-term contract will give the employer more leeway in uncertain times however it’s unfortunately not that simple. You still need a fair reason not to renew a fixed-term contract when it comes to an end.

We would encourage you to really consider whether this is a fixed-term position, even for maternity cover, do your growth plans mean that realistically you are still going to need this person upon the return of your permanent employee?

Using fixed-term contracts if you don’t really need to will prevent you from accessing a lot of great talent. Security is a high priority for employees at the moment. If things change in your business, we can help you to restructure and find a solution, fixed-term contract or not.

Staff shortages within the hospitality sector are causing a lot of our client’s major headaches. Workforce planning means that you can offer guaranteed hours to your hospitality staff and reduce the number of people on zero-hours contracts. Also, if you have people working for you consistently week after week, legally they probably aren’t likely to be classed as a zero-hours worker anyway.

4. What are ‘benefits’?

Time and time again we see the likes of ’28 days holiday’, ‘pension’ and ‘free tea and coffee’ labelled as benefits on vacancies. These aren’t benefits. 28 days holiday and pension contributions are a legal requirement, not a benefit and are a red flag on any job advert for candidates. Talk about things that are good about your workplace, there are so many things to talk about other than tea and coffee or a cycle to work scheme, and try to leave out things that you legally have to provide!

We can help you dig deep into what makes your organisation a good place to work so that you can showcase the benefits that people really care about.

5. Diversity and inclusion

2020 caused a huge cultural shift. We have helped many of our clients embed hybrid and remote working into their organisations permanently and diversity is also at the forefront.

Think carefully about the terminology that you are using in your job adverts and what this says about your culture. Also, consider whether the language that you are using is excluding certain groups of people.

Consider carefully using terminology such as ‘thrive in a competitive environment’, ‘work well under pressure, ‘driven individual’ ‘ambitious’, ‘challenging’, ‘confident’.

Speak to our recruitment or HR team about how you can avoid pitfalls and ensure that there is a focus on diversity within your recruitment processes.

As specialists in people management, we know the importance of ensuring that the first step in the employment life cycle is done right.  We can support you from recruitment to termination and everything in between. Speak to one of our advisors today.

For advice or resources to help you recruit and retain the best talent contact us on hello@bhayanirecruitment.co.uk or call 0333 888 0290

For HR, employment law and Health & Safety services for you or your business visit www.bhayanilaw.co.uk

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